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Hello future leaders Bandung

Did you know what kind of skill that you must've in 21'st century?

Trilling and Fadel on 21st century skills said that "leadership, critical thinking,problem solving,communication,collaboration,inovation and creativity are the most important skills that you should've in this era".

So this class aims to bring together young people who know that future can be better ? ?? and who want to be a part of this change, come hear and learn from inspiring young leaders !!! ??? participate in engaging group discussion and network with others.

"A leader is who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way" - John C Maxwell

Lets come and join this class!
Will be held on 1 april 2018 at Dilo Bandung at Jl. Banda No. 40 Gdg. Balemotekar lt. 3 Bandung, start from 8 am.

More info :
?085855367014 (emma)
?0895321872507 (nadya)

ID Line :
1. stemma
2. nadyapr.




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